Honey is used therapeutically and medicinally for thousands of years. The first known written reference to honey, a Sumerian tablet writing dated to 4120 years ago (2100-2000 BC), mentions the use of honey as a drug and an ointment. A range of therapeutic uses of honey are noted in sacred texts for the treatment of ailments and diseases and throughout the history honey was an integral part of the medical practices of numerous cultures throughout Africa, Asia, the Arab world, and Europe for thousands of years.

Gut Health

The human gut is a complex microbial ecosystem called Microbiota. Microbiota consists of a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi that reside in the gastrointestinal tract, on the skin, mouth, and genitourinary tract. Imbalances in microbiota have been linked to many diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. So, a healthy and well-balanced microbial community is vital for health. Our honey is a natural prebiotic, a food that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Prebiotics feeds trillions of good bacteria, fungi and viruses that reside in our body leading to healthier gut.

Treating coughs and colds

Antimicrobial honey is recommended by many Health institutes around the world as a treatment for cough, sore throats, and cold and flu instead of using antibiotics.

Mood and Appetite

Mood depends on physiological function of the body and our honey helps it by improving gut health. A harmonious gut microbial has a great impact on mood and appetite.

Boost Immune System

Because of its natural high antioxidant profile, our honey help boosting immune system by improving body’s defense mechanism and neutralizing free radicals that can cause inflammation.

Treating wounds and burns

Due to its high content of hydrogen peroxide, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, active honey can be used as a wound sterile dressing for rapid healing.

Reduce anxiety and improve memory

The antioxidant flavonoids present in honey, supports central nervous system which can reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve memory.


Active honey contains fatty acids that can improve intestinal muscular contractions, drinking honey water with lemon, ginger or cinnamon can help flush out the toxins from digestive system and liver.

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