• Honey Flavours From Different Flowers

    Honey Flavours From Different Flowers
    Whether as a taste enhancer or a natural sweetener, honey is the one delicious, healthy, and medicinal option you can never overlook. And if you believe in the myth that honey comes in a single variety, Jarrah Asal is the honey brand that will rewire your knowledge base.   Jarrah Asal is the effort of Benevita Foodstuff Trading, the Dubai-based Australian American company, along...
  • 12 Ways Natural Honey Can Up Your Beauty Game

    12 Ways Natural Honey Can Up Your Beauty Game
    Natural Honey has been an integral part of our food culture since time immemorial. The benefits of honey are multifold. While possessing medicinal properties, it equally lights up your skin. Here are the quick benefits of using natural honey: Natural Moisturizer Honey is a natural skin moisturizer. It moisturizes the dried pores of all skin types. The naturally soothing and healing properties of honey...
  • Natural honey benefits for health

    Natural honey benefits for health
    Natural Honey is a sweet and gluey food item which is made by bees from the nectar of plant flowers. Bees collect nectar from various flowering plants and it is kept inside their bee hives from which it is collected and processed for using it as a food item. It can be considered as one of the most valued and most appreciated natural food...
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