The Journey of Authentic Honey: From Beehive to Your Table

Honey is a versatile ingredient that has an undeniable place in our pantry. From pouring over snacks to an active ingredient in many popular dishes, this product has won our hearts. To recognize and appreciate the multiple facets of honey, it is time we start from the beginning of the process named buzz from the bees.

 Appreciating the Journey

The journey of natural honey is one fascinating story. Being one of the healthiest options to ingest with your meals, raw honey is popularized by health influencers now more than ever.

 It all starts with the endless quest of the bees to find nectar. They are on a mission to secure their food source and be prepared for the winter when there is severe nectar scarcity. They buzz from one flower to another, gathering nectar and pollinating plants in the process. After gathering, they carry the nectar back to their hives and regurgitate them onto the honeycomb cells. During this activity, the special enzymes inside the bees effectively break down the complex sugars in the nectar into much simpler sugars. This process essentially ensures the end product doesn’t spoil quickly and is easier to digest.

Just as the nectar is deposited onto the combs, the bees fan their wings eagerly to draw out the extra moisture. This step ensures the natural honey that you receive is of the right consistency and doesn’t ferment or crystallize easily. Gradually, the nectar transforms into honey, and when it reaches the right moisture level, the bees seal the honeycomb cells with a wax cap to preserve the content.

The Processing of Natural Honey

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 Now, we are moving on to the next set of processes in honey extraction that involves human intervention.

 #Collection and uncapping

Special care needs to be exercised during the extraction of raw honey from the combs. Processors use various techniques to remove the honeycombs without agitating the bees. This is followed by getting rid of the wax caps either manually or automatically. When dealing with countless honeycombs, large processors employ uncapping machines to quickly remove the caps frame by frame.

 #Extraction, storage, and heating

An extractor is usually employed by the processors to squeeze out honey from the frames. The frames are placed in a centrifuge, which spins out causing the honey to come out of the comb. The honey is whirled to the side of the extractor and is collected at the bottom of the vessel. The extracted product is heated to 66°–77°C to get rid of the viscosity and the stickiness. The heating process also aids in enhancing the shelf life of the product.

 #Filtration and creaming

The filtration technique is carried out to make the product clear and avoid crystallization. Different varieties of honey require different levels of filtration. Of these techniques, membrane filters are commonly used, where different compounds are separated depending on the pore size and distribution. Finally, the processors use controlled crystallization to produce honey that is flavorful and creamy in texture.

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