Jarrah Honey Flavours From Different Flowers

Whether as a taste enhancer or a natural sweetener, honey is the one delicious, healthy, and medicinal option you can never overlook. And if you believe in the myth that honey comes in a single variety, Jarrah Asal is the honey brand that will rewire your knowledge base.


Jarrah Asal is the effort of Benevita Foodstuff Trading, the Dubai-based Australian American company, along with the exclusive distributor of A Buzz from the Bees. The second-generation beekeeper Kim Cheeseman is behind the A Buzz from the Bees, who has more than 45 years of experience in the bee-keeping business.


Jarrah Asal has different honey flavors like Jarrah honey, Karri honey, Red Gum honey, and Blackbutt honey. The flavors of honey differ based on the type of flowers it is extracted from. Jarrah honey is taken from the white flowers of the Jarrah tree, a unique species of eucalyptus tree growing in southwest Western Australia. The rare Karri honey is from the fragrant flowers of the Karri tree, which blooms once every 7-9 years. The Red Gum honey from the bee keepers' favorite Red Gum honey flower is high in antioxidants. Obtained from the Blackbutt Eucalyptus tree, Blackbutt honey is dark-colored and has a unique rounded and full-bodied flavor.


Jarrah Asal has gained popularity for growing pristine, disease-free, and unpolluted honey throughout the different locations in Western Australia. The purity and rawness are guaranteed for Jarrah Asal honey since there are no preservatives, chemicals, or flavoring agents added. In addition, the honey doesn't undergo any heat treatments and retains its natural healing properties.


Jarrah Asal's claims about their honey brand are backed by the ISO and IEC standards obtained after the tests conducted by the National Measurement Institute, an Australian Government body. Also, each honey jar is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, an independent laboratory test certificate, and a warranty certificate.


The medicinal property of Jarrah Asal honey is something that cannot be missed to mention. The antimicrobial power of honey is measured using the TA(Total Activity). The greater the TA activity, the more antimicrobial property the honey possesses. Jarrah Asal honey, tested and approved for its high TA, works wonders when it comes to healing. When bees produce honey by foraging on the native Western Australian trees of Jarrah, Red Gum, or Karri, they induce the glucose oxidase enzyme. The glucose oxidase enzyme produces hydrogen peroxide by reacting with the glucose and the oxygen in the water, which also exists in the honey. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antimicrobial agent that helps heal wounds, coughs, and sore throats
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